Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The future of 3 D printing: adidas Futurecraft 4

Adidas wants to be the first shoe company to implement large-scale production using 3D printing, whilst rivals Nike, Under Armour and New Balance are undertaking their own 3D printing experiments. Adidas, now in partnership with Carbon , a US-based vat polymerization 3D printing company, intend to start production on the Futurecraft sole. Vat polymerization refers to a number of 3D printing technologies that all build up an object in a vat of photopolymer using a laser or other light source. Adidas has announced that it plans to 3D print 100,000 shoe soles of its Futurecraft 4 shoe by 2018. The current manufacturing costs are higher than a shoe made in Asia with traditional methods, but the German company may eventually relocate their production of shoes away from Asia, to highly automated factories in Germany. Approximately four million people are employed in Bangladesh’s garment industry which is responsible for 81% of that economy’s exports.

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