Monday, May 8, 2017

Zoom Vaporfly Elite: Record Breaker ? Not so far


The marathon record of 2 hours and 2.57 seconds, still stands *. Nike had hoped Eliud Kipchoge (Kenya ) would break the world record and come in under 120 minues wearing the prototype Zoom Vaporfly Elite at Monza, Italy. However, the elite runner recorded a time of 2hours :32 seconds in his custom-made shoes. The elite runner found it difficult to maintain his 4min 34sec per mile, pace over the last 5km.

Nike’s back room boys have been working on the project for over several years to design shoes to improve running ecomony. The cost numers in the millions of dollars and done in complete secrecy. In previous trials and outings, Nike’s sponsored runners have shaved significant seconds from their previous best performances.

The attempt to break the two-hour mark at Monza’s Formula One track in Italy was not sanctioned by the sport’s governing body due to the use of 30 rotating elite pacers who shielded the athletes from wind in an arrowhead formation, while drinks were delivered to runners via moped. The course itself also failed to meet strict specifications.

Some experts believe performance enhancing competitive shoes should be made illegal because of the advantage they give to athletes wearing them.

* 2:02:57 set by Dennis Kimetto of Kenya at the 2014 Berlin Marathon.


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