Monday, April 24, 2017

Reebok eco-friendly trainer

Later this year, Reebok will release their new eco friendly kicks and like many other companies sensitive to the environment they are determined not to damage the environment. The new range of Reebok sneaker is completely compostable and modelled after the “Classics’’ sneaker. The upper section is made of sustainable organic cotton, while the sole is derived from industrial grown corn. The new sneaker’s eyelets are stitched, rather than made of metal or plastic like some other shoes. According to Reebok the new compostable sneaker will appeal to Millennials and their younger counterparts who favour products and companies that are less damaging to the environment. The new sneaker will be priced comparably to Reebok’s Classics style, which generally ranges in price from $US 59.99 to $US 179.99. Ultimately, the company says that the goal is for the shoe to be the first in a long line of plant-based footwear.


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