Sunday, November 13, 2016

Iofit : Smart Golf Shoes to improve swing

Iofit is a new company hoping to developed golf shoes designed to help improve a golf swing based upon analysis of the wearer's weight transfer.

In the past, swing monitoring technology has largely been the preserve of watches or trackers clipped to the shaft of a golf club. Although systems like that can effectively track the path of a club, there is a lot more to the perfect swing than just the hands. Driving the Iofit system is a set of pressure sensors embedded in the outsole of the shoe. Connected to a companion iOS or Android app, the system uses a posture analysis algorithm to measure changes in pressure distribution as they happen.

The app processes information about which foot is being favoured, whether there is more pressure on the front or rear of each foot, and how weight is being transferred through the ball. Feedback includes elements of your swing that need changing combined with detailed breakdowns of how your data compares with professional golf players. Further options include how to practice an improved swing, and receive feedback on how consistent those practice swings were. Finally, this information can be shared with coaches or friends through the app. Currently, Iofit is seeking US$30,000 on Kickstarter.

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