Thursday, December 4, 2014

Marquee shoes: What's the deal?

Expensive signature shoes endorsed by pro players from the National Basketball Association are competing in the lucrative market for high-performance, high-profile sneakers. Nike Inc. has new shoes from the Cleveland Cavaliers ' LeBron JamesI Nike's Zoom LeBron III ), the Denver Nuggets Carmelo Anthony, the Los Angeles Lakers ' Kobe Bryant and (from its Converse unit) the Miami Heat's Dwyane Wade . In addition they continue to sell to the basketball shoes of all time hero, Michael Jordan . Brand rivals Adidas-Salomon AG are countering with shoes from Houston Rockets star Tracy McGrady (comes with small pieces of wood from an actual basketball court embedded in the heel and outsole (to symbolize McGrady's desire to "put a piece of the court" into his shoes, according to the company) and the Minnesota Timberwolves ' Kevin Garnett . Reebok International Ltd . Have signature shoes from Allen Iverson ( Answer IX ) of the Philadelphia 76ers . It is unlikely the pretenders will knock over Michael Jordan as top signature sneaker dude but their intention is to try. All signature shoes come in the expensive bracket demonstrate fashion and gimmickry and usually supported by expensive promotional campaigns. The shelf life for most signature shoes is short and become unfashionable within three months of their release. Sales of Marquee footwear have been strong but there are indications consumer's interest may be waning due to their price. In 2005 sales of men’s basketball sneakers had dropped 4 percent from the previous year. On exception to this trend is the Converse's "Wade" shoe which has increased in sales unlike many of other expensive contenders. In the end most of the signature shoes end up in Boot Hill and in unmarked graves but before you discard old sneaker s bare in mind, original shoes can fetch large prices to collectors keen to own the worn originals.


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