Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Adidas SpringBlade

After six years of research addidas have released their new adidas springblade with 16 “blades” extending from the the sole. According to the company the angulated blades (springblades) are composed of a transparent, highly-elastic polymer and intended to aid locomotion. The rear blades are thicker than those at the front of the foot, and thickness of the blades differs from side to side. Springblades have a modular midsole to allow different parts of the foot to function separately and the upper has the Adidas's techfit™ four-way stretch to keep the foot snug. The Springblade was originally designed for trail runners but the novel shoe will have appeal to the casual user. The shoes are available from Aug. 1 in seven different colour combinations. It will retail for $180 US.

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