Saturday, June 2, 2012


The platform of a running shoe describes the interface between a runner’s foot and the ground and takes the most wear. Through the medium skin’s proprioceptive nerve endings translate road feel and by natural feedback coordinate the position and sense of movement between mind and the lower extremity. The SKORA FORM and BASE has a R01 System platform comprises of a rubber outsole, CM EVA (compression molded Ethyl Vinyl Acetate") midsole, and Ortholite foam sockliner. The design of the R01 System attempts to replicate normal movement of the foot during stance. Like the foot, the side profile of the outsole is curved, with a recessed forefoot and is zero-drop. This enables medial to lateral roll (evertion on the frontal plane). The outsole of the R01 System is high density solid natural rubber, 4mm nominal thickness. Rubber offers excellent grip in both wet and dry conditions and has a very low rebound rate (compared to materials such as Injected EVA) which measures the “springiness” of the material. Low rebound translates into minimal loss of energy. The tread pattern of the R01features a low profile combination of raised and recessed tread patterns, more rubber is in contact with the running surface than conventional “lugs” which provides greater ground feel and better wear in all conditions. The midsole of the R01 System is a 5mm single unit of CM EVA foam. This provides the minimal cushioning needed to protect the foot from road hazards and allow a more comfortable walking and all-surface platform. The EVA material features forefoot and heel anatomical flex grooves which align with flexion positions (saggital plane) for natural movement. Like the outsole, the midsole is designed to match the foot’s shape with curved side and heel profiles and a concave forefoot. R01 sockliner is a 4mm thick, zero-drop, anatomical insole. The design matches the curves of the foot, and the bottom has flexgrooves that match the outsole design. Comprised of two layers (dual-density) of Ortholite foam, the sockliner is both breathable, and anti-microbial. Extremely lightweight, Ortholite material is a proprietary open-cell foam which allows air to circulate around the foot, keeping it dry and cool. Unlike conventional (cheaper) insole materials, Ortholite foam also retains its compression set over time, meaning the outsole will not flatten out over time. To further aid prioprioception, the outsole also features small raised bumps on the top surface that help stimulate the foot and keep active foot sensation.

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