Friday, March 30, 2012

FiveFingers in hot water

Vibram USA Inc's, makers of FiveFingers running shoes, face a class action lawsuit from a Florida woman. Valerie Bezdek is suing the company for making misleading statements about the FiveFingers product. She claims the shoes pose more risk to the wearer than regular running shoes, and even bare feet. Despite claims made by the company for their footwear they have refused to present details of scientific research to support these claims. The lawsuit states: 'Defendants have used these claims to charge a premium for FiveFingers that consumers readily paid, believing FiveFingers would confer upon them significant health benefits.' The lawsuit included information from the American Podiatric Medical Association about barefoot running to help back Ms Bezdek case. FiveFingers running shoes have become favourites among the gliterati with Prince Harry of Wales , Kate Hudson and Shailene Woodley all photographed wearing them.


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