Monday, August 17, 2009

Fastest man on two feet or shoes?

Usain 'Lightning' Bolt has shattered his own world record and delivered a stunning first place finish in the 100m at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin recently. The Jamaican sprinter clocked the fastest time ever recorded for the 100m race at 9.58 seconds wearing his PUMA, custom-designed Theseus Pro sprint spike. The PUMA YAAM are now the fastest shoes in the world. This sprint spike was developed by a team of PUMA designers and technicians who studied and measured Bolt's stride and foot form. They created a custom-made sprint spike to suit the sprinter’s body kinetics. Manufacturer’s claims the shoes contain a lightweight carbon plate to add speed and power might be construed as ‘performance enhancing’ footwear which is not ‘officially’ allowed. Since the introduction of computerised timing the world record has never before been broken by such a big margin and since record breaking occurrences have been few and far between in the last decade, questions may be asked.

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