Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Loose laces and Mandals: Whatever next?

I am grateful to my chum, Al in Brighton UK for the following comments, "Usain "Lightning' Bolt may have the fastest feet on the Earth but what to do about the aftermath of his golden sprint with lousened laces. How can parents ever get their teenagers to do their laces up again?"

It has been suggested the rise in popularity of the hummble thong (flip flop) in Australia followed the 1956 Melbourne Olympics. Seen on the box for the very first time the Olympic heats became compulsive viewing with sports like swimming a novelty for many people. The wearing of ceremonial getas (platform sandals) by the lady Japanese competitors as they came to the pool is thought to have kindled public interest in wearing the newly available plastic Jandals from New Zealand and as a result an Aussie Icon was born. Well the same thing could happen with Mandals, that's man sandals, after golden boy Michael Phelps was seen wearing them round the pool. Now predicted to become a fashion statment for real men (ie. the macho equivalent to the ladies fashion sandal), the idea has the fashion and foot police in a tizzy with predictions of declining standards of civilisation and soaring feet ailments for generations to come. The Cape Cod look is definately here with no less a personage of Barack Obama photographed on a Hawaiian vacation wearing his flip-flops. But the big question is will he be able to wear them in the Whitehouse?

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