Thursday, May 8, 2008

The XXXIX Olympiad

The XXXIX Olympiadis almost upon us again, and a feast of fetes guaranteed, no doubt. Certainly as a catwalk of footwear technology there is no bigger event and all the main exponents of sports apparel will be there, obviously anxious their drawing board innovations cut ice in the hot temperatures of China’s capitol. An Olympiad is a period of four successive years and the modern Olympic Games celebrate each Olympiad. Due to Wars, the 1916, 1940 and 1944 Olympiads were not celebrated by an Olympic Games. The Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games are hosted in Beijing, China. As in Athens 2004 , medal winning footwear will feature three main assets: lightness, durability, and ability to keep the feet cool in summer temperatures in Beijing (excess of 35 0C or 1000 F). After all the elite athlete’s preparations, blisters may be the scourge of the games so designers and technologists have continued their focus on how best to encase the active foot without encouraging sweaty feet (hyperidrosis). In this Olympic Games there are 28 recognised sports and 301 events most of which put the human foot to the limits of endurance, no surprise to learn the footwear will represent the accumulated knowledge of shoe making, known to humans.

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